What is Angry Birds

what is angry birds

Angry Birds is a puzzle video game that has quickly gained a great deal of popularity at the Apple App Store. This game, developed by the Finnish company Rovio Mobile was inspired originally by a stylized sketch of wingless birds. It was first released to Apple’s iOS in 2009 and has since sold over 12 million copies through the Apple App Store. Because of that great success, Rovio then went on to design newer versions for smartphones, including those with the Android operating system.

In order to play the game, you have to use a slingshot and this is used to throw the birds at various pigs situated throughout a number of different structures. They may either be in them or on them, and the end goal is to destroy each one. As you progress, you get new birds that may have abilities that will help you in the game. Routinely updated, Angry Birds gets better and better all the time with new content and even special promotional versions.

This game is an excellent example of a good combination of comedy, value and truly can’t-put-it-down gaming. Because of its high rise in popularity, it has spread and now, you can play it from almost any platform, be that your smartphone or your desktop computer. Angry Birds has become so popular that you can also purchase related merchandise that has the characters from the game and talks are in the works for either a tv show or an animated movie. It has had a total of 300 million downloads from all of the platforms that it appears on and is definitely one of the hottest games around.

Play is simple and fun. Multi-colored birds are trying to get eggs that the evil green pigs have taken. In each of the levels, these pigs have hidden out in different types of buildings or structures and as you use the slingshot to get rid of the pigs, you level up. Players can either hit the pigs directly, or you can wreak havoc on the buildings and places they hide. As you move through the stages, additional tools are given or found so that you can work with them and the birds to take out all of the pigs within that level.

In the beginning, you get the basic red bird, but as you level up there are a number of different kinds you will obtain. Using these birds for their unique talents in each level, you win the game. For instance, if you have a white bird, it’s eggs explode, the black bird is a bomb, itself, and the blue bird will turn into three separate birds. There are also a variety of pigs in the game, and depending on their size, they will be easier or harder to destroy. The higher level pigs have crowns and these can take more damage before they are removed.

Level by level, you move up and in each numbered level the order and type of birds you get is already set. You complete the levels by destroying all of the pigs by the time you use your last bird and then you move on to the next level in Angry Birds. With each pig you destroy, you gain more points and any damage that you create to the platforms they hide on also counts. If you don’t use all your birds, you do get bonus points and each level offers a chance to get 1-3 stars. The number of stars you get will depend on the score you made when completing the level. If you’ve unlocked a level, you can re-play it if you want to continue to up your scores and your stars.


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